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Could somebody help me start off this essay?
CD= Concrete detail ( Facts)
Commentary, ( Opinnion, but since this is a essay on religion, facts can go here)

I don't know how to start..

Heres what I've done so far:

oi55.tinypic( DOT) com/11azxnk.jpg

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    How did you do the tiny pic jpg thing, Allyson?

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    I uploaded it to tinypic, erased the beginning part, & put the (dot) part in to work, since you can't use web addresses here.

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    I assume you're working on the attention getter of the introduction.

    How about?

    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have sometimes been at war with each another.

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    Thanks Ms Sue, and for CD number one, I wrote down: Life wasn't always peaceful for the three monotheistic religions, they were always fighting over land and items.

    Is that good?

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    Thank you!

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    You're welcome.

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