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algebra 1

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a roll of carpet 9 ft wide is 30 ft longer than a roll of carpet 15 ft wide. both rolls have the same area. make a sketch and find the dimensions of each.

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    first represent unknowns with variables:
    let x = length of the second carpet
    let x+30 = length of first carpet.
    since Area=length*width, and they have the same area,
    Area = 9*(x+30) = 15*x
    9(x+30) = 15x

    now solve for x. then substitute this to x+30 to get length of first carpet.
    let me see your work. :)

  • algebra 1 -

    15 by 45; 9 by 75

  • algebra 1 -


    15 by 45 and 9 by 75

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