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    (1) 3x+4y=5
    (2) 6x+8y=10
    to solve using elimination, you have to multiply a factor into the equation so that when you add/combine them, one of the variables gets eliminated or canceled out,,
    here, if you want to cancel out x, what do you need to multiply to equation (1) so that if added to 6x it becomes zero?

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    i don't understand could you be more simpler please. I have been having a really hard time with this crap

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    oh alright then.

    (1) 3x + 4y = 5
    (2) 6x + 8y = 10
    if you want to cancel out x, you need to multiply -2 to equation (1) so that if added to 6x it becomes zero:
    -2(3x+4y=5) becomes -6x - 8y = -10
    then add this to equation (2):
    -6x - 8y = -10
    6x + 8y = 10
    oh, it turned out both x and y AND the constant to become zero,, that only means that the line are coinciding --> they have infinite solutions since there are equivalent (or they are the same)

    so there,, hope this helps~ :)

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    please help me

  • math/algebra -

    does that mean there is no solution/

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    oh sorry.
    what did you not understand?
    these two equations are coinciding,, thus, any point that satisfies the equation is a solution,,
    coinciding means, they overlap, they are the same,, here, try to look at the second equation:
    if you simplify this by dividing every term by 2, you will get
    3x+4y=5 or the first equation!
    therefore they are the same and has infinite solutions. :)

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    no,, they have INFINITE solutions,, any point that will satisfy either equations is a solution,, :)

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