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I have to write 4 sentences using an adverb and 4 using a preposition. Could you please check? I will list the adverbs first.

1.I'm sure he let the dog come in last night.
2.We watched the balloons floating far above our heads.
3.The bus drove past the people waiting at the bus stop.
4.Don't turn that log over so quickly!

1.The goats are in the far pasture.
2.You might have to wade across the creek to find the trail again.
3.Meet me outside the front door after you've finished shopping.
4.If the gate won't open, you'll have to climb over the fence.

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    I think they are right, although you haven't indicated which words are adverbs and which are prepositions.

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    Two of your adverbs are actually prepositions.

    The rest are correct.

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