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US History

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10. Which best describes the Great Migration?
a. the increase in European immigration during World War I
b. the movement of African Americans to northern cities
c. the movement of women into jobs formerly held by men
d. the progress of Allied troops across France

11. The rapid development of mass media during the 1920s
a. promoted a mass migration to rural areas
b. encouraged Americans to work longer hours
c. promoted the creation of a national culture
d. simplified life for most Americans
C? I couldn't decide between that and A...

13. How did the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision affect racial relations in the South?
a. It forced white and African Americans to sue the same public facilities
b. It allowed segregation to continue legally
c. It improved the quality of African American facilities
d. It ordered that segregation should be ended in public schools

17. Key features of Republican administration of the 1920s included
a. expansionism and business regulation
b. isolationism and laissez-faire business policy
c. a buildup of armaments and armed forces
d. reduction of quotas and increased immigration


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    They are all right! :-)

    For 11, A can't possibly be right. People left the farms in rural areas and moved to urban areas during the 1920s.

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