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One of the concerns about the use of Freons is that they will migrate to the upper atmosphere, where chlorine atoms can be generated by the following reaction:

CCl2F2 --> CF2Cl + Cl

Chlorine atoms can act as a catalyst for the destruction of ozone. The Activation energy for the reaction

Cl + O3 --> ClO + O2

is 2.1kJ/mol. Which is the more effective catalyst for the destruction of ozone, CL or NO?

Please show all steps!!

Here is my work so far:

K(catalyzed by Cl) / K (catalyzed by O) = e^(Ea (CO catalyzed) - Ea (Cl catalyzed) / RT)

Ea (O Catalyzed) - Ea (Cl catalyzed) / RT

11,900 J mol - 2,100 J mol / 8.3145 J/ K mol x 241 K = 4.891.

K (Cl catalyzed) / K (O Catalyzed) = e (Ea(O Catalyzed) - Ea (Cl catalyzed) / RT = e^4.89101 = 133.0886

Cl is the more effective catalyst????

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