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for homework we have to unscramble these words:

lcpoa, maidolrg, caluphin, masarac, patneon, pelpa padcoi

can anyone help?

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    We are here to HELP but not to DO the work for you. What sort of effort have you made? Let me tell you how to "attack" this sort of exercise:
    1. Consider what level of Spanish you are in, because often it is possible to have more than one word as the answer
    2. Consider the textbook and the current lesson's vocabulary that you are studying.
    3. Arrange the letters so that all the vowels are together and all the consonants. Think of the different combination of letters you have seen in Spanish .

    Let's take the first word:
    a o c l p

    Play around with the letters and in this case there are 2 possibilities at least. I would guess that you have had the first word but not the second.
    copla palco

    2. Be sure you have spelled all the letters carefully, because I can not make a word from those ltters:
    a i o d g l m, r

    3. chapulin

    4. macasar máscara

    5. panteón

    6. papel

    7. picado


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    Maidolrg: MARIGOLD

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