Global Issues (ms.sue)

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It is a known fact that all though there are some countries in the world that are abundant in wealth and possessions, there are also other countries at different parts of the world which are developing countries and are deprived of most of the goods that the developed countries enjoy so gladly. It is true that countries like Guatemala, Liberia, and Pakistan are a few examples of the many countries with a large amount of the population living under the poverty line. While other countries like the United States, China, and Russia has most of its people living a well-off, middle-class life which is above average for most people. The question that arises in people’s minds is that whether it should be required for the richer countries of the world to help the poorer countries.

I'm pretty sure I'd be able to use 'I' in this, or at least in the thesis.
In my opinion, the richer countries of the world should definitely help the poorer countries because they have the resources, it would create more peace between the countries, and because there is a moral value of helping the needy in all of the major religions of the world today.

How's that?
(and I checked today and found out that I only have to do 2 pages not 4, so that makes everything so much easier : ) )

  1. Ms. Sue

    It looks good. You can check with the writing tutor tomorrow to make sure it's acceptable.

  2. y912f

    Okay, thanks.

  3. Ms. Sue

    You're welcome.

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