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Can someone please let me know if I am right on these True/ False questions. I like to make sure that I am understanding this information. Thanks in advance for your help ;-)

1. Journalism has professional values of striving for subjectivity, currency, efficiency, and economy? True or False? I believe this is False, would that be correct?

2. The basic difference between a message that is a non-argument and one that is an argument is one of function or interest? True or False? I believe this would be True, is that correct?

3. Newscasters always know what they are talking about when they report a news story? True or False? I think this one is False, is that right?

4. An argument can meet all three purposes- to persuade, to inform, and to entertain? True or False? I believe this is True, but I am torn because an argument is mainly to persuade, so would True be right?

5. The English language has very few clue words that signal conclusions or premises in arguments? True or False? I think this is False, is that correct?

6. The primary purpose of television is to get an audience to gather and to persuade them to purchase commercial products? True or False? I believe this one is True, would that be right?

7. An argument will lose coherence if the writer uses fallacies that contain irrelevant premises? True or False? I think this would be True, is that right?

8. Reality warps in television shows are usually accurate presentations of the world? True or False? I believe this is False, would that be correct?

9. All evidence presented in an argument should be relevant support of the conclusion? True or False? I think this one is True, is that right?

10. Conclusions are logical and reasonable of they are based solidly on the information or evidence gathered? True or False? I believe this is True, is that correct?

11. The fallacy of euphemisms is an illogical use of positive connotations in order to persuade or manipulate? True or False? I am pretty sure this is True, am I right?

12. When a critical reader synthesizes related issues from varied sources, he is increasing his frame of reference and will be more likely to be able to identify the relevance of premises? True or False? I think this is True, would that be correct?

Thank You for the help!

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    I agree with all of your answers except # 1. Check your text, though to be sure it doesn't give a different answer.

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    Thank you so much Ms. Sue! I will definitely check my text again but these are some of the questions that I couldn't find information in my text about. Or if I did find info. it didn't really help me with the particular question. But I will definitely check again ;-) Thanks again Ms.Sue! Have a great day!

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    You're very welcome, Jessie. You have a wonderful day, too.

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    when critical readers analyze a written selection for possible obstacles they need to expose irrelevant appeals attack the person discussed in the selection rely on improper exploitation of persuasive capabilities of language

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