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a boat travel 5 miles due south and then 11 miles due east. how far is it from the starting point?

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    to find distance, use the distance formula:
    d = sqrt[(y2-y1)^2 + (x2-x1)^2]
    but first, we look for the points,, let the starting point at the origin (0,0) -- this is (x1,y1)
    then it traveled 5 miles south (0,-5)
    and finally, it traveled 11 miles east, thus (11,-5) -- this point is (x2,y2)

    d = sqrt[(-5-0)^2 + (11-0)^2]
    d = sqrt(25 + 121)
    d = sqrt(146) = 12.083

    so there,, :)

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