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Hello I'm having some difficulities learning about the graphing, slopes, and equations, can you please help me with this:
The price of an amusement park ticket is greather than or equal to $29 The inquality is?

find the slope x+2y=4
A. M=
B. or undefined

(1.)identify the y-intercept
y=1/4x (type the ordered pair)

2. y=4/3x+2 (the y intercept is?)
4. y=-1/3x+2
5.what is the y-intercept?
what is the x-intercept?
6. is -4 is a solution of the inequality?

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    (a) first, represent the unknown with a variable,,
    *let P = price of amusement park ticket
    the sign of greater than is > ; greater than or equal to is > with underline (but here i will use >=):
    P >= 29

    (b) if you're given an equation and you need the slope, you must transform this equation into y = mx + b (this is called the slope-intercept form, because m=slope and b=y-intercept),, thus:
    x + 2y = 4
    2y = 4 - x
    y = (-1/2)x + 2
    thus, m = -1/2

    (c) y = 1/4x -- already in the slope-intercept form [discussed in (b)]
    thus, y-int = b = 0

    (d) y=4/3x+2 ; thus, b = 2

    (e) y=-10x+8 ; thus, b = 8

    (f) y=-1/3x+2 ; thus, b = 2

    (g) 2x-4y=32
    -4y = 32 - 2x
    y = (1/2)x - 8 ; thus b = -8

    *to get x-intercept, let y = 0:
    2x - 4(0) = 32
    2x = 32
    x = 16

    (h) if it refers to (a), -4 is not a solution, since -4 is not greater than or equal to 29

    so there,, :)

  • Mat/116 Algebra -

    thank you

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