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English-Article on the Hunger Games

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This is for my magazine on the Hunger Games, I did an article on Sponsers which Katniss and Peeta got the most. Katniss Everdeen is the main character in this book and Peeta is a boy from her same district. Their names were drawn from this glass jar and so they they were picked to be part of the games.

Could u please read through this article and tell me if it's good and what else I could add in it, I'll appreciate all the help u could give me, thanks a lot:-)
My article:

Effort and chemistry is what brought Katniss and Peeta to achieve so many sponsors. Their role in the Hunger Games was out of the ordinary and their romance was no less than Bella and Edwards. Katniss was the star of the show for sure. No one ever thought that she could play with the camera so well. Katniss proved herself worthy. It was surprising to see two tributes from the same district fall for each other in such a big game event. Who could ever make room for love in a war-like game? Katniss and Peeta’s chemistry was enjoyed being watched by so many people. These people eventually became sponsors and send down gifts for these lovable tributes. Because of them, Katniss and Peeta were able to survive. They owe big thanks. Will district 12 accept this couple? What will their reactions be? These things are to be wondered about after all. We don’t know what others have to say, but we can definitely tell ya all that the power of love can defeat all.

Please give my any other information that I can add to make this article stand out even more, thanks a lot for all ur help:-)

  • English-Article on the Hunger Games -

    you should put in that bella and edward are from the top selling twilight series, other than that i think that the artical is amazing

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