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I am getting problems with my calculations. For the first part of the question I got 68 when I try another calculation I got 1. One of the method used was Degree of freedom =(r-1)(c-1).

TABLE 12-7

The director of transportation of a large company is interested in the usage of her van pool. She considers her routes to be divided into local and non-local. She is particularly interested in learning if there is a difference in the proportion of males and females who use the local routes. She takes a sample of a day's riders and finds the following:

Male Female Total
Local 27 44 71
Non-Local 33 25 58
Total 60 69 129

She will use this information to perform a chi-square hypothesis test using a level of significance of 0.05.

(a) Referring to Table 12-7, the test will involve ________ degree(s) of freedom.
A) 1
B) 59
C) 68
D) 128

(b) Referring to Table 12-7, the overall or average proportion of local riders is ________.
A) 1.00
A) 0.01
A) 0.5504
A) 0.55
A) 0.05

(c) Referring to Table 12-7, the expected cell frequency in the Male/Local cell is ________.
A) 33.02
A) 33.00
A) 0.300
A) 0.330
A) 3.302

  • Statistic -

    X^2 = Σ [(O-E)^2/E]

    Where O = Observed Frequency and E = Expected Frequency

    E = (column total*row total)/grand total

    (a) (2-1)(2-1) = ?

    (b) Local total/grand total = ?

    (c) E = ?

  • Statistic -


  • Statistic -

    a) B
    b) C
    c) B

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