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Mass mA rests on a smooth horizontal surface, mB hangs vertically.If m_{\rm{A}}=13.0 kg and m_{\rm{B}}=3.0 kg in the figure , determine the magnitude of the acceleration of each block.

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    Sorry, Anonymous, we do not have latex installed, at least yet.

    I presume the figure looks like this, but a mirror image of it:


    The letter o stands for a pulley.

    The answer to the question lies in the formula F=ma
    Force exerted on the system is gravity on mB, thus

    Total mass = mA+mB
    Acceleration = F/(mA+mB)

    If they are connected by a mass-less and frictionless pulley, then the acceleration of each block is identical.

    The tension on the string, T, is again found by the formula:

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