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I have some doubts concerning a few sentences. I really hope you can check them. Thank you very much in advance.

1)I did rhythmic gymnastics two years ago but I had to give it up to prepare for (?) my school-leaving exam.
2)My favourite book is "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad.
3) I like wearing baggy clothing (better: clothes). I consider English as (?) the most important language in the world.
4) Last holiday (on/for my last holiday) I went on a cruise in the East of the Mediterranean Sea. I had the possibility to speak English.
5)I like playing "Diabolo" on my computer. It is a game which is based on two poles which attacked a thread that is used to run a sort of double funnel (I can't understand anything here?)
6) I had a turtle called "splash" because she splashed the watr outsidethe aquarium when she was happy.
7)During a football match I'm always agitated (better: excited) because 'm a supporter than never gives up and always hope for a good result for his team.
8) My hobbies are playing with Lego bricks and singing.
9) My father works for
I usually wear jeans and a T-shirt. I play tennis andI sometimes play it with my brother.

  • English -

    7. excited
    9. ??

    The rest of your sentences are correct. Where you question your choices, any of these are o.k.

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