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my question is:
why did Aboriginal peoples avoid involvement with the rebellions of 1837? i get the question and I tried researching too, but i cant find anyhting??

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    I couldn't find anything online -- but did the Native peoples avoid these conflicts because they had nothing to do with them?

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    can I say this though...
    Aboriginal peoples tended to avoid involvement with the Rebellions of 1837 because they were discriminated back then. Colonists also displaced Aboriginal peoples and disrupted or destroyed their cultures. Colonists wanted fixed boundaries, surveys, roads, and most importantly, land they could own. These goals conflicted with the culture, lifestyle, and economy of the Aboriginals. After suffering such a big loss from losing their lands and culture, the Aboriginals probably didn’t want to invite any more trouble. As a result, they stayed away from the Rebellions of 1837.

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    That sounds like a great answer.

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