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Thank you very much. Could you please check these sentences,too?

1.My hobbies are doing athletics, playing the drums and going to the scouts (??)
2.I like going to pizza restaurants with my friends.I live in a quiet big flat. In my family there are four people.
3.I’ve also got a second house where my granny, my aunt and uncle live.
4. My uncle is always in the vegetables garden (kitchen garden) where he grows (and not “cultivates”) tomatoes, potatoes and some fruits (OR fruit sorts).
5.I usually play my piano (or the piano?) once a week.
6.I sometimes play with my brother in our room. If not, I do my homework.
7.I like playing sports and videogames and I like almost all food.
8. I go to a high school with an emphasis on science. I chose the branch “applied sciences” because I’m fond of maths and computer. I have five classes every day.
9. The first and the last class lasts an hour whereas the others last fifty-five minutes.The school classrooms are almost the same ( and not "identical")
10.Another thing I really like are (?) videogames. I’ve been practising martial arts for six years.

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    1. going to the scouts = to the people? or going to scout meetings?

    4. vegetable garden but not fruit sorts. Perhaps different fruits?

    9. "the first and the last class" becomes a compound subject so the verb needs to be plural = last

    Everything else is fine, including what you have in parentheses.


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