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Can you please check these few sentences I'm not sure of. Thank you for all.

1)My work day starts at 7.55 a.m.
I nearly always have to drive my child to school. It usually takes me ten minutes to get there (OR: It's a ten-minute drive.) After that I drive to work.
2)As soon as I get into my office, I make myself (?) a cup of coffee to wake up (?)
3)What do you like most about your school?
4) I usually get 30-euro pocket money a week (every week?) and I spend it on bus tickets, food and clothes.
5) I spend my pocket money to recharge (?) my cell phone and on piano lessons, which I take twice a week.
What would you rather be different?
(or: What things would you change?)

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    The only thing I would change is "What would you rather be different?" = What would you rather were different?


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