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Algeblease check my answer

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Posted by Annie on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 7:20pm.

Choose the equivalent expression(3h^-2j^3k)^2(hj^-5k^3)^-2 The signs that look like minuses are negative signs


Please help I'm so lost right now-Ireally don't get it- I think it might be the last one, but I'm not sure

  • Algebra Please check my answer -

    It should have read please check-

  • Algeblease check my answer -

    I am going to leave a space between factors for easier reading
    (3h^-2 j^3 k)^2(h j^-5 k^3)^-2
    = (9 h^-4 j^6)/(h^2 j^-10 k^6)
    = 9 h^-6 j^16 k^-4

  • Algeblease check my answer -

    Thank you-I see where I made the mistake on the "j"

  • Algeblease check my answer -

    did you also notice that none of the given answers are correct ?

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