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US History

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Last 4 for the day!

19. Most pioneers who settled west of the Appalachians were
a. families looking for good land
b. miners looking for gold and silver
c. missionaries seeking converts
d. bankers from New York and Boston

20. What message did Protestant revivalists preach in the early 1800s?
a. God places individuals in predetermined and rigid social ranks
b. the power of individuals is equal to the power of God
c. people are capable of shaping their own destinies
d. Society should encourage selfishness and sectional hatred

21. In 1890 the superintendent of the census announced the
a. end of the frontier
b. creation of tenant farms in the West
c. opening of the West to settlers
d. opening of Yellowstone National Park
Can't decide between B and C...

24. In 1828 presidential election was a referendum on the role of government in
a. the Electoral College
b. national security
c. the expansion of slavery
d. the economy
No idea..


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    I hope I've read your questions correctly this time.

    19 and 20 are correct. (Many of my ancestors came to the midwest for good farmland at that time.)

    21. Check this site.
    (Broken Link Removed)

    23. I don't know.

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    So 21 is A?


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