Algebra, explain?

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So I have to solve this problem
And then I wrote down:
but I don't know what to do from there, can someone explain to me please?

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    The next step is to combine like terms and get the knowns on one side and the unknowns on the other.

    Subtract 6a from both sides of the equation.

    9a - 6a = 6a - 6a + 24
    3a = 24

    Divide both sides by 3 to find the value of a.

    3a/3 = 24/3
    a = 8

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    Okay, when I checked my answer, how come I got 72? when I put 8 As A into the equation.

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    That's what the original problem states: 72 = 72

    9(8) = 6(8 + 4)
    72 = 72

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    So I could have two answers... ? 8 and 72?

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    You only need to find what a represents. As we found, in this problem a = 8.

    You proved it by substituting 8 for a in the original problem.

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