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6th grade english/pronouns

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Can the word "his" be a personal and a possessive pronoun? If so, can you give me a couple of sentences so I can see the difference.


  • 6th grade english/pronouns -

    1. The book is his.
    2. Where is his book?
    Try some of the following links:


  • 6th grade english/pronouns -

    This might help:
    Personal pronouns, Possessive determiners, Possessive pronouns
    Personal pronouns Possessive determiners Possessive pronouns
    as subject(nominative)as object
    (accusative and dative)
    I me my mine
    you you your yours
    he him his his
    she her her hers
    it it its its
    we us our ours
    you you your yours
    they them their theirs
    1 2 3 4
    We have some books.The books are for us.These are our books.

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