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I'd like to know if the following sentences (+alternatives) in indirect speech are possible. Thank you very much in advance.
1) “Would you like to have lunch with me on Sunday?”, he said to me.
He invited (and not: "requested, offered) me to have lunch with him..
2)“Shall I get a candle?” said one of the guests. He offered (and not "requested") to get a candle. He asked if he should get a candle.
3) “If I were you, I’d try to get a room on the top floor”, he said.He advised me to try to get a rooom..
He suggested I get a room..
4) “What about having a party on Sunday?”, she said to us. She suggested/proposed/advised/recommended (?) having a party. She invited us to have a party. She offered (?) to have a party.
5) “It’s a pity we missed the beginning of the film”, said the captain. The captain regretted missing (having missed) the beginning...
6)“Don’t fire except in self-defence”, said the police servant. He ordered/instructed/warned/commanded (not: recommended) us (?) not to fire.
7)“Please, please don’t do anything dangerous”, she said. She begged/implored us not to do anything dangerous. She recommended (?) us not to do anything dangerous.
8) “I’m sure my brother hasn’t taken Brian’s English dictionary”, she said. She admitted/confessed that her brother had taken....
9) She promised/agreed to take me home. She offered me a lift home.
10) "Ben is waiting for us", he said. He said that Ben was waiting for them (and not "us")

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    1. good
    2. One of the guests offered to get a candle.
    3. He suggested that I get a room on the top floor.
    4.She suggested that we have a party on Sunday.
    5. good. "beginning of the film"
    6. The police sargeant ordered us not to fire except in self-defense.
    7. good, with either verb. She begged/implored us not to do anything dangerous
    8.His sister insisted that he had not taken Brian's English dictionary.
    9. Either of those would be fine.
    10 "us" would be correct there.

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