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chem: study of kinetics

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im supposed to find the
slope= -EA/R = triangle y/triangle x = (y2-y1) ________/(x2-x1)____________

how do i do this? is it the same as the slope that excel gave me?

i have information from 3 different groups, and i have 3 x's and 3 y's, how do i solve this? the teacher told us that since K from our last experiment is wrong we should use rate, but i have 3 rates.

Also, how do i find the Ea from this graph?
do i subtract 11-9=2?

  • chem: study of kinetics -

    I don't know what you plotted on Excel but slope is slope.

  • chem: study of kinetics -

    he gave us an example of what the slope might be in class and it was -1.3x10^2 but my slop is completely different, was i supposed to do calculations? or just get the one from excel?
    what do i put in the 2 blanks?

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