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chem lab

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hi im doing a post lab sheet for chem class. and im having a little trouble.

i have:

temperature 12.6 C -> 285.6 K
Time 816 sec

but im supposed to find 1/T(K)
it looks like my classmate
did this: 12.6 x 285.6 = 3598.56
however they gave me the response to group 2 also:

and they did not mulitiply because

group 2: 45.0 C -> 318 K
45.0 x 307.8 = 13851. but the answer they gave me was 1/T(K)= 3.14 x 10^-3

im very confused can someone please help me?

by the way this si for an experiment where we put a mixture into a bath and checked to see how long a color would leave from the mixture (purple color).

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    I agree that you are confused. Apparently this was a potassium permanganate solution and you are doing some kind of experiment on chemical kinetics; however, you haven't given any other details (and those I had to guess). One possibility is that 1/T might be 1/time and not 1/Temperature.

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