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English 2

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(From A Separate Peace)

2. Unlike Finny, Gene tends to be
a. spontaneous
b. contradictory
c. envious
d. rebellious

3. For Gene, jumping from the tree seems to be a way to
a. reject his past life of conformity
b. gain new respect from his classmates
c. prepare for military service
d. give continuity to his life

4. The game of blitzball symbolizes
a. Finny's basic brutality
b. Finny's acceptance of authority
c. Finny's love of physical challenge
d. Finny's disgust with his classmates

10. Finny is able to get away with misdeeds and rule-breaking because he
a. is a top student at the school
b. is quite devious
c. is charming in unexpected ways
d. his parents contribute generously to Devon

11. Unlike Finny, Gene Forrester is
a. a good athlete
b. a good student
c. a good athlete but a poor student
d. a good student but a poor athlete


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    Nevermind, I think 11 is B.


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