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You are piloting a small plane, and you want to reach an airport 450 km due south in 3.0 hours. A wind is blowing from the west at 80 km/h. What heading and airspeed should you choose to reach your destination in time?

  • physics -

    V = -450 km / 3 h =-150km/h S(no wind)

    The wind would cause the plane to fly
    in a direction SOUTH of EAST.To nullify
    the affect of the wind, the plane must fly in a direction SOUTH of WEST.We must reduce the affect of hor. component of the wind. It has no ver.

    80 + x = 0,
    x = -80 km/h WEST,

    -150 + Y = -150,
    Y = 0.

    tanA = -150/-80 = 1.875,
    A = 61.9 Deg S. of W. = 241.9 Deg CCW),

    V = -80/cos241.9 = 170 km/h.

    The plane must head 61.9 deg SOUTH of
    WEST at a speed of 170 km/h.

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