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I am required to design an experiment which will allow me to produce exactly 12.5g of pure dry Copper Hydroxide. I need to include equipment required, Chemicals required, step by step method and any particular limitations/cautions which must be exercised whilst following the experiment. Thanks heaps

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    I don't think anyone here will be willing to write a three or four page report but allow me to give you some hints.
    You really don't know the purity of many of the salts of copper; however, starting with copper wire or copper turnings might be a good possibility. Copper wire can be purchased with either essentially 100% purity. So you need to calculate how much copper to start your experiment with. Exactly 12.50 g Cu(OH)2 is 12.50/97.56 = moles Cu(OH)2 and that times molar mass Cu metal (63.546) gives 8.1419 g copper. I would dissolve that in HNO3, treat with NaOH, filter the Cu(OH)2, wash, dry. You can supply the details.

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