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English 2

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Which hero's story, King Arthur's or Sundiata's, has the more relevant message for young people today? Compose an essay that answers this question, giving at least two examples from the selections and applying them to issues young people face today.

I still need help with this; I know their heroic qualities could be a good message for young people today but I don't understand how I'm supposed to write an essay on just that.. I need to have this done by tonight, so please help me by giving further details. (I've read both stories twice already)


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    I don't know which stories you've read about these mythological men. Aren't they portrayed as courageous, wise, and concerned about the welfare of others?

    Problems of young people today:

    Drug and alcohol experimentation
    Pressures to succeed in school
    Finding their own identities
    Apathy toward government

    I'm sure you can think of more.

    I suggest you take one or more heroic qualities of one of these characters. Show how young people could use it (them) to face two or three problems.

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    That helps a lot. Thanks so much!


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    You're welcome. Enjoy writing your paper.

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