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A spacecraft is traveling with a velocity of v0x = 6370 m/s along the +x direction. Two engines are turned on for a time of 843 s. One engine gives the spacecraft an acceleration in the +x direction of ax = 1.20 m/s2, while the other gives it an acceleration in the +y direction of ay = 7.80 m/s2. At the end of the firing, find the following.
a). vy and vx

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    Acceleration (along any axis) times the time interval that it acts equals velocity change (along that axis)

    Vx increases by an amount 1.2 m/s^2*843 s. That adds 1012 m/s to the vx component.

    The Vy component starts from zero and ends up at 7.8 m/s^2*843 s = 6575 m/s

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