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Honors Pre-Cal

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We're reviewing and I forgot how to do this.

Given y=x2-4+3 (x2 is x squared)

a)write in standard from
b)find vertex
c)find equation of the axis of symmetry
d)find the x-intercepts
e)find the y-intercept

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    a) standard form is the simplest version of the equation. so the standard form would be x^2-1. (-4+3= -1)
    b) because this is a parabola, the vertex if the lowest or highest point on the graph. Put the equation into your calculator and (2nd)(trace)maximum or minimum to find the answer. in this case you would use minimum. (0,-1)
    C) in this case, the axis of symmetry equation is x=0
    d) in order to fin the x intercepts, you can go put y=0 into your calculator as y2 and (2nd)(trace)(5)-intersect- to find the two zeros you will get.
    e) in y=mx+b equations, your y intercept is b.

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