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A 10-KG block is pulled along a rough horizontal floor by a 12-N force acting at a 30 degrees angle with respect to the horizontal. The block accelerates at 0.1 m/s2. Calculate
A....... the weight of the block
B...... the force of friction acting on the block
C.... the normal force acting in the block
d.........the coefficient of kinetic friction uk
e..... the force of static friction acting on the block if the pulling force must be 20 N acting at 30 degrees in other start the block moving along the floor
F.... the coefficient of static friction Us

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    Show us your work, besides the typing, and someone will assist you. Jiskha is not a do-your-homework-for-you service.

    You can certainly do part A
    F = ma must be used part B. F consists of two forces.

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