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Thank you very much for your help. I forgot to include the following sentences.

1) Shakespeare doesn’t give importance to stage directions between acts.
In the English theatre there was no curtain fall between the acts
2) As a rule, a Shakespearean play was over when all the characters had left the stage.
3) Shakespeare makes use of soliloquies, asides, introductory passages spoken by the prologue, funeral orations and death-bed speeches.
4) His language is characterized by a variety of rhetorical figures such as similes, metaphors, obscure and archaic words and puns. He re-shaped the regular blank-verse line.
5) Themes are only hinted at and they become apparent only later in the plays.
6) The audience is thus asked to make assumptions, which eventually reveal to be decisive.Some scenes are with many characters and full of action whereas others include few characters and are devoted to reflection.
7) They sometimes leave the audience to ponder over their meaning after the play is over.
8) Students take notes in (?) a spiral-bound notepad. They write their test on a sheet of foolscap paper (???)
9)You should decide whether you want to buy the book, borrow it or get a second-hand copy (?) from the students of the last year.

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