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Here are some sentences on Shakespeare I'd like you to check. Thank you.

1)It is difficult to date Shakespeare's plays because only half of them were printed during his lifetime. Three kinds of evidence are used (?) to date his plays.
2) The most valuable is the external one, which consists in a clear reference to a particular play.
3) This shows that a certain play was written before a certain date.
4) The second kind of evidence is internal, that is when the play itselft includes reference to an identifiable event.
5) The third kind of evidence is called stylistic and is the most difficult method of dating since it takes into account the changes in Shakespeare's style.
6) Hierarchy forms the background of all his plays. Characters are organized (?) according to their social rank which descends from the king to the rustics and the servants.
7) Other important features of his plays are family ties, generational conflicts, and symmetrical correspondences.
8) It was the text to provide information about the scenes.
Stage directins were often given indirectly through questions or metaphors.

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    2) consists of


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