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i need to make my own proverb

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for english class i have to come up with my own proverb.

So. i have this idea in my head but im not sure how to say it. The meaning of the proverb is like "you have to work to get things done"

so right now i have

"A feild never plowed itself"

But.. that just sounds ancient or not broad enough.

do you guys know any proverb that goes would go along those line that is new and hasn't been made already?

or do you have ideas for a diff. proverb? thanks

  • i need to make my own proverb -

    I think that is a great proverb. Can you adapt it to getting ones homework done. Ie. An essay never wrote itself. <G>

  • i need to make my own proverb -

    Thats a great idea! thanks!

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