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Chemistry - Please help!!

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I did a lab for Organic Chemistry

We did a simple distillation of an unknown alcohol to determine the boiling point, which was found to be 74*C

The four possibilities for the unknown were methanol, ethanol, 1-propanol and 2-propanol. So from the boiling point the unkown must be ethanol...

We then did a fractional distillation of this alcohol mixed with water. The alcohol was distilled off after 4.0 mL (25.0 mL of mixture was used).

To find:
beginning percent composition of unknown/H20

would this be :



Does it form any azeotrops, list them:

does this mean binary with water etc., ternary...? or am I supposed to write some other description?

If it did form an azeotrops Calculate the beginning % composition of the mixture

confused about this...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Chemistry - Please help!! -

    I skipped your earlier post. I don't understand the question. For example, "The alcohol was distilled off after 4 mL." Does that mean that all of the alcohol was gone after 4 mL or does it mean that 4 mL of the mixture was distilled BEFORE any alcohol began to appear? I'm confused by that and the question then asks about the beginning percent composition.
    With regard to azeotropes, yes, ethanol/water form an azeotrope. It is very close to 95%alcohol/5% water.(see
    (Broken Link Removed)

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