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Math(Please help)

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Write an equation of the line satisfying the given condition.

a) x intercept = 3 y intercept=-2

I am really not sure how to start here.

b) vertical line containing (5,-1)

Would it be y=5x-1?

c) parallel to the line 3x-4y=5 and containing the points (3,-6) .

I know that the line has to have the same slope as the one about.

d) Find the slope and y intercept of the line 4x-6y=-3

To find the y value would i plug in zero for the x and solve? And then I can find the slope?

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    a) isn't the information like being given two points?
    (3,0), (0,-2)
    So just find the slope and you know the y-intercept, so
    y = mx -2

    b) a vertical slope has an undefined slope
    It's equation will simply be x = ? (whatever the x of the given point is)
    So x = 5

    c) real easy
    since it has the same slope the new equation must also start with
    3x - 4y = k, where k is the only number that will differ.
    sub in your given point to find k, and you are done

    d) rearrange 4x - 6y = -3 to the form y= mx + b

    -6y = -4x - 3
    divide by -6
    y = (-4/-6)x -3/-6
    y = (2/3)x + 1/2

  • Math(Please help) -

    Thank You!!

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