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Directions: Write a concise response putting yourself in the role of "ethicist" and offering advice on how to handle the issue presented.

The issue is "My high school requires that we dissect frogs. I am Buddhist, and we Buddhist have a reverence for all living creatures. I do not even swat mosquito's. My teacher says that I must do the work to pass the course. What should I do"?

I am not really sure how to go about writing this or how to even get started.

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    Assuming you've already talked with the teacher, I suggest you talk with your counselor. Perhaps the school can find an alternate assignment instead of dissecting frogs.

    Everyone has the freedom of religion and no one should be forced to violate the tenets of his/her religious values.

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    No, it is not me personally. That is the issue I have to write about in english class. I have to write in the role of "ethicist" and offer advice on how to handle the issue.

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    As the ethicist, you can either address the person directly, using second person pronouns, or you can use third person pronouns. Either way the advice is the same. The person should talk with the school counselor.

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