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A 3.9 kg particle starts from rest and moves a
distance of 2.4 m in 2.4 s under the action of
a single, constant force.
Find the magnitude of the force.
Answer in units of N.

  • Physics -

    X = (1/2) a t^2 = (1/2)(F/M)*t^2

    X = 2.4 m is the distance it moves
    a is the acceleration. which equals F/M
    t = 2.4 s
    Solve for F in Newtons

  • Physics -

    A ship leaves its home port expecting to travel to a port 500.0 km due south. Before it moves even 1 km, a servere storm blows it 100.0 km due east. Hom far is the ship from its destination? In what direction must it travel to reach its destination?

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