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Thank you for your last post. Here are some sentences on clothes I'm not sure of.

1)My mum usually gives me 50-Euro pocket money monthly to spend on clothes.
2) I don’t receive (?) any pocket money from my parents but they give me money whenever I need it.
(on special occasions, such as for my birthday or at Christmas).
3) I like going clothes shopping and I usually buy my clothes at a department store/at a clothes shop/at a boutique/ at a second-hand clothes shop/ at the market. I don’t like wearing expensive designer clothes.
4) I spend a lot of time observing (?) clothes shop windows and comparing prices.Big gold chains and rings are popular among boys and big earrings among girls.
5)In 2099 we’ll customise our own clothes. We’ll ask the shop to change our clothes according to our own design (??). We will be able to download all sports events and concerts to our computer from the internet.
6) Braided hair is popular among them. They wear their hair in braids. (BUT: she wears her hair in a braid (if it is just one?)

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    5. in = In

    everything else OK


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