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Thank you vey much for your last corrections. Here are some more alternatives I'm not sure of.

1) In Chapter 7 Marlow interrupted (suspended??) his story to describe Kurtz to the other sailors (can you say: “to his fellowship?). Kurtz became important to the natives because of his great ideals.
2) Black people were locked by chains. Some of them were ill or had died (or were dead) and lay on the ground. The natives were in bad condition (or lived in bad condition?)
3) Marlow regarded (and not thought of?) Kurtz’s words as a kind of victory.He wanted to become a station manager because in this way (?) he would increase his earnings (and not would have increased his earnings).
4) The manager didn’t want the steamer to be repaired he feared that they would be able to save Kurtz before he died. He wanted to see him dead first.
5) He lied to her because he thought she wouldn’t have understood the darkness in his heart. He saw hallucinations (or he suffered from hallucinations). He had the courage to look at (to see?) what he had done.
6) The Russian spoke with Marlow about Kurtz (better: he told him about Kurtz?). He wanted to become rich (by??) dealing with ivory (but “trading ivory”)

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    1. to his fellowship may not be as clear

    3. would increase = yes

    4. repaired; he, etc. = run on sentence

    all the other things are possible.


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