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math need asap

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4(26-4y) + 5y = 27
104 - 16y+ 5y = 27
-21y = - 77
21y = 77
y = 77/31

Now, I’m suppose to return to the 2nd equation x=26-4y and substitute 77/31 for x, I don’t understand if the is correct way or how to get the answer for the ordered pair.

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    -16y+5y=-11y, not -21y..I think that's your mistake

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    the answer is x= -2 and y= 7, this is how its done
    4(26-4y)+5= 27
    y= 7
    then you plug in the y for the next equation
    and that's how you get your x and y i hope that helped

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    Ok, so if I use the corrected number you gave, that would make y = 7.

    Returning to the 2nd equation x=26-4y and substituting x for 7.

    4y = 7 - 26

    still does not add up, what am I doing wrong?

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    Ana, thank you, now I understand what I was doing wrong. I couldn't figure out how to rewrite the x=26-4y equation.

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