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1) She wears (and not she is wearing? if you are describing a picture) her hair into a bun.
2) She wears her hair in a pony and has got a two-colour hair band (on her head?)
3)In the top left (?) of the picture there is a window. Next to the window there are two bookshelves on the wall and a blackboard under it.
4) In the top right of the picture hang (or there are?) three posters. There is a sofa behind them (or below?). There is a bike against the wall on the right left ofthe sofa.
5)There are three desks in the foreground.There is a monitor and a keyboard on the desk on the right with a keyboard under it.
6)There is a cat under the desk in the middle and a wastepaper basket on his left side. There is one chair next to (or at?) each desk

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    Not read as it looks the same as one I've already done.


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