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US History

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14. New France was shaped mainly by
a. raising cash crops
b. the fur trade
c. enslaving Native Americans
d. the search for gold

15. Which one of the following helped the colonial legislatures come to dominate colonial government?
a. The king appointed colonial governors
b. Governors could veto measures passed by colonial legislatures
c. The legislatures set the salaries for royal officials
d. Governors decided when colonial legislatures could meet
No idea...

16. The First Continental Congress voted to
a. end the boycott of imports from Britain
b. call for the formation of colonial militias
c. imprison all British tax collectors
d. adopt the Declaration of Independence
Not sure...

17. Which of the following was designed to ensure that the President would not gain dictatorial powers over government?
a. the system of checks and balances
b. the Elastic Clause
c. the Electoral College
d. the Cabinet
Although I know the meaning of all of these terms, I don't quite understand which one had this job...


  • US History -

    14. Correct.

    15. Which of your answer choices states a power of the colonial legislatures?


    17. What are your definitions for these terms?

  • US History -

    System of checks and balances gave each branch the power to check, or stop, the others in certain ways.

    Electoral College- group of electors

    Cabinet- Officials that head the major departments of the executive branch.

    I can't find the Elastic Clause.


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