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Help needed! It's due tomorrow please. Thanks. I have to do imitation.

1) A veteran bronc rider, Tom Block has ridden nine horses to death in the rodeo areno,and at every performance the spectators expect him to kill another one.

This is the imitation: Soccer player, Jackson has scored a nine goals in the field and every game the coach, teammates counted on him.

Please help translate these three.

1) A green garter snake, a skittish one with a six inch length, slid toward the foot of the tree, parted grass in the wet yard, stopped, sensed, and disappeared in flash.

2) The dictionary had a picture of an aardvark, a long tailed, long earned, burrowing African mammal living off termites caught by sticking out its tongue as an anteater does for ants.

3) The living room contained a portrait of an ancestor, a grim faced, black haired disapproving matronly relative giving out disapproving signaled by looking down her nose as a parent does in disappointment.

4) A beautiful animal, it lay in the position of a marble lion, its head toward a man sitting on an upturned bucked outside the cage.

Thank you.

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