MATH 9 th grade

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The difference of 22 and the quotient of a number m and 4 is 54 ?

  • MATH 9 th grade -

    We've helped you on a couple of similar problems. Now it's your turn.

    What equation do YOU think would fit this problem?

    We'll be glad to check your answer.

  • MATH 9 th grade -

    i don't know that's the thing im confused this is something i don't get .

  • MATH 9 th grade -

    I translate that as

    m/4 - 22 = 54
    m/4 = 76
    m = 304

    304/4 - 22 = ??

  • MATH 9 th grade -

    i don't get it

  • MATH 9 th grade -

    What don't you get, Keila? Reiny showed you how to do this problem and gave you the answer.

  • math 9th grade -

    i got it , now Thanks Reiny

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