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I have to write a cause and effect essay, and I'm writing about the cause for the popularity of fast food restaurants and the effect its had on people. I have plenty of causes listed, but for the effect I only have 2- Obesity, and jobs for people without diplomas.

Can I get some more suggestions about the effects? Thanks


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    Let me start with my own experience for an effect.

    When my children were young, we had few if any fast food restaurants in Michigan. When we traveled in the 1960s, we had to depend upon local restaurants. We were never sure of the quality or the price at these places. McDonald's and other chain restaurants have made it much easier for young families to know that they're getting satisfying food at reasonable prices.

    So a major effect has been uniformity in food and price across the country. We know that our children will not only be satisfied by delighted with fast food.

    Although many employees do not have diplomas, many young people work fast food while in high school and college. It's probably also been a haven for some adults who have lost good jobs and were unemployed.

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    Thank you so much(:


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    You're welcome. Enjoy writing yur paper.

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