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explain the beliefs of Hinduism and its evolution from the aryans to the Guptas.

please help :(

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    Have you Googled Aryans?

    Have you Googled Guptas?

    What did you find?

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    aryans is an old english language??
    and guptas was an ancient Indian empire

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    Aryans is not an old English language.

    Apparently you haven't read enough. Please try again.

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    Ye gads! I see where you got the "old English language" answer. You stopped after the first few words and didn't even read the rest of this sentence from Wikipedia.

    "Aryan /ˈɛərjən/ is an English language loanword derived from Sanskrit Arya ('Noble')[1][2][3] and denoting variously

    In scholarly usage, . . ."

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