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The experiment of Clausen, Keck and Hiesey discussed in lecture and illustrated in Fig. 4.4 of the textbook would be an example of a:

a. common garden experiment
b. reciprocal transplant experiment
c. both of the above
d. neither of the above

Their experiment showed that the different populations of Potentilla glandulosa
differed in traits such as plant height. These differences were attributable to:

a. differences in the environment where these different populations grew
b. differences in genotype of these different populations
c. a combination of differences in the environments where these populations grew and differences in the genotype of these populations

If all the conditions of the Hardy Weinberg Principle were met in a population, how would allele frequencies change from one generation to the next generation?

a. they would change based on natural selection for most fit genotypes
b. they would change based on mutations
c. they would not change

Does the work of Losos et al. on the brown anole lizards on Caribbean Islands presented in Chapter 4 of the textbook demonstrate that lizards on different islands are different ecotypes?

a. yes
b. no

You notice that individuals of the same plant species look very different when they are growing on South Mountain (SW of Tempe) compared to when they are growing on Superstition Mountain (NE of Tempe). The plants growing on South Mountain are shorter and they have lighter, waxier leaf surfaces than the plants growing on Superstition Mountain. You collect seeds from plants from each location and raise plants from each population in a garden in your backyard. You find that when grown in your garden, there is no difference in the appearance of the plants from South Mountain and Superstition Mountain: the plants all look identical, regardless of where the seed came from. Do your findings show that these 2 populations are ecotypes?

a. yes
b. no

Genetic drift is a change in allele frequencies due to chance or random events. Genetic drift would be most likely to occur in:

a. a large population of lizards that inhabits an entire large mountain range hundreds of miles long
b. a small population of lizards confined to a single small mountain or' sky island'

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    We didn't attend the lecture nor do we have access to your text.

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    The text is only required for the first and fourth questions but I got them already. I don't get the rest. I think its no for 5 and small population for 6.

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    I'm not sure about 5, but I think it's a large population for 6.

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