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a wheel having diameter 2m starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to an angular velocity of 75 revoulutions per minute in 5s. calculate its angular acceleration?

Q;- one of the rectangular components of velocity of 80km/hr find other component?

Q:-the diameter of sphere is 5.32cm. calculate its surface area with due regard to significant figures as in diameter?
Q:-the maximum error in the measurement of mass and length of a cube are 3% and 2% respectively. what will be the max error in measurement of density?

Q;-the wave length (d) associated with a moving particle depends upon it mass (m) velocity (v) and plan k's contant (h). find a relation between them by using principle of homogencity?

Q:- write the dimensional formula of following physical quantities?
1. Solidangle
2. Stress
3.Thermal conductivity
4.Refrective index
5. Homent of inertia.

Q:-Find no. of watts in one horse power watts is unit of power on the MKS system and horse power that of powes in FPS system.

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